Soundtrack of my Summer (Do you know it’s unlike any other?)

itunes_logoSo…no adventures in the city this week, unfortunately. In fact, nothing much really happened at all if I’m being honest. Just the usual: waking up early and heading off to work. But you know what really helped me get through the week? MUSIC. I know everyone nowadays always has their headphones in, listening as they commute and go about their lives. I’m not really one of those people just because most of the time I can’t be bothered to pack my headphones every day and I kind of like hearing life go on around me. Beats me how people can hear train announcements and the like when music is blaring in their ears. However recently, I’ve started to warm to the practice of listening to music on my commute. And this is for two reasons: 1) It keeps me awake and alert. I know I really can’t doze off on the train when I’m holding my too-big-to-fit-in-my-pocket-phone and it’s all out in the open yelling ‘steal me!’ and 2) the trains have been ridiculously delayed recently to the point that I get so bored and annoyed that I just need music to take my mind off of how much longer I have to stand next to the antsy woman who is practically begging the person in front of her with her eyes to relinquish the seat.

In any case, I wanted to share with you all my most listened to album of the summer! Now before reveal the album title, I just want to say that I became a fan of the artist in question a little over two years ago after his first album was already out. He has a particular style when it comes to songwriting that I guess you either really like or you don’t, but what impresses me the most about him is that all of his songs come from the heart. When he sings it’s just like sitting down and listening to a story and you really feel all the emotions with him as he sings. A fan commented on one his songs to the effect of ‘I don’t know how but he makes me feel so emotional about things that has never happened to me’. Besides his epic song-writing skills, he is also an incredibly talented musician – whenever he performs I can only look on in jealousy. He makes it looks so easy when it’s obviously not. Have you guessed the artist? Any friends reading this post have probably already guessed correctly long ago as I make no secret of my admiration for this man and his music.
The correct artist is Ed Sheeran! Which would make my most listened to album of the summer ‘X’ or Multiply! May I just say that this album completely blew me away. I mean I loved his first album but this one was AMAZING. The first album introduced that  sweet, heart-wrenching story-telling songwriting style that has become a sort of trademark, while this one kind of shook up that foundation a little bit and introduced more R&B and hip-hop type vibes. I was especially happy that he added more rap tracks to this album because I loved ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ (which was the only rap track on the first album) and wanted more. His signature style is obviously still there, and I love those songs just as much as I love the other stuff, but it was great to see that he experimented with this album.
I have a new favorite song every time I listen to the album and I don’t think I can count the amount of times I’ve listened. How often is it that you come across an album where you absolutely love all of the songs?! If I really had to choose though, my favorite song off the album would be ‘Thinking Out Loud’ because it’s so sweet that it brings a smile to my face every time I listen. The first time I heard it I was washing dishes and I had to stop just to do a dance around my kitchen. It’s the kind of cute song someone could get married to. I’ll link it below:

Even though that one is my favorite, the all-time most listened to track on the album is ‘Take It Back’, which is one of the rap songs. I just love it. I love the rap, I love his voice when he sings the chorus – I just love everything. I’ll also link that song below:

In any case the entire album is awesome so check it out!

Runner-up music include:

Any song by Smallpools

Certain songs by Stromae

‘Stay With Me’ by Sam Smith


That’s all for today! Catch me next Thursday!


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