Things I’ve Seen

3862382389_680d67017a_oHas anyone seen anything interesting lately? It’s always a dull week when nothing exciting, interesting or strange catches your eye. That’s why I’m always on the look-out – it adds a little spice to my life and a little chuckle to my buckle (<-not an actual phrase, sorry). Here’s my list of interesting/strange things that I’ve seen this week! I wish it was longer but it will suffice…
1. Gimme Shelter (Albert and David Maysles, 1970)

So I was working through my list of Maysles documentaries and finally got the chance to sit down and watch Gimme Shelter. Gimme Shelter is a documentary about the Rolling Stones as they work their way into giving a free concert at the Alamont Speedway. The first thing I really enjoyed about the film were the shots that Albert and David (the directors) employed. The documentary switches between footage of a concert The Rolling Stones did at Madison Square Garden, shots of the band in the recording studio, shots of the process of preparing for the Alamont free concert, but more interestingly, footage of Mick and Charlie reacting to the footage that we are also seeing. It was great how the film switched between the actual footage and then that same footage on a second screen that the band was watching. The second thing I enjoyed was just watching the band members themselves and how they reacted to certain things and how they reacted with each other. I think I have a new interest in Mick Jagger and a strange fascination with Charlie Watts.
2. Cracked Actor (Alan Yentob, 1974)

After watching Gimme Shelter I decided to watch another music documentary to see the difference in style between the two films. Cracked Actor is a BBC Tv documentary about David Bowie. The documentary mainly flitted between footage of Bowie’s concerts and then interviews that were done in limousines or backstage and the like. With this documentary I was just really focused on David Bowie’s character. In the film he describes the creation of his different stage personas and how they are all a part of him – different facets of the same person. He also goes into why he had to kill off his alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, as a result of the fame. In general, David Bowie came off as a very straaaaange character. Sometimes he would make absolutely no sense and other times I would be so interested with what he was saying and his little mannerisms even though I still would not understand what he was getting at. I don’t really blame myself for not understanding though, because he was famously addicted to cocaine at the time and the film really shows off his delicate mental state.

3. A Friend!

This one’s not a film, surprise, surprise! Yesterday I had the chance to see a friend that I haven’t seen in a long while. She goes to school overseas so I obviously don’t get to see her during the year and she was held back a bit this summer because she got an awesome internship over there (that made me insanely jealous) which delayed her return flight home. She came and visited me at work and we went out for lunch. Nothing fancy, just Subway but it was awesome because it’s really great to see someone in person instead of just messaging all the time. She made my day yesterday!
And for a bonus I’m including something that I saw this week that I wish I didn’t…

4. A Funky Haired Man

On my way to work on Tuesday I saw a man with a long ponytail on the bus. I thought to myself  ‘wow, his ponytail is so long and luscious’. But then he had to go ruin it by sitting directly in front of where I was sitting on the bus. It was then that I saw with great detail what I previously thought was “long and luscious”. I could see bits of dirt and dust littered throughout the ponytail and there was even a portion that was stuck together by some unidentified substance. But it did not stop there. Unfortunately, it got worse when I saw a little white tick looking bug crawl out of the depths of his ponytail and continue up the length of his hair. I watched on in horror as I started to get the chills and started to feel itchy all over. For the remainder of the ride I felt like things were crawling all over me and I wanted nothing more than to throw myself into the shower. I kept myself as far away from that man as I possibly could but even now when I think about how close I was to him I cant help but shudder.
And that ends all the note-worthy things that I’ve seen this week! There are others that I’ll probably remember later but whatever. Don’t forget to catch up with me next Thursday!


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