The Fault in Our Stars: Transition from Book To Movie

MV5BMjA4NzkxNzc5Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzQ3OTMxMTE@._V1_SX640_SY720_My senior year of high school, I joined a book club. I had been skirting around joining for a good year at that point, and finally decided to just get it over with. I’d like to say that I read a lot of amazing books, but unfortunately that was not the case due to a lot of the younger members wanting only to read bad Young Adult novels. However, there were a couple diamonds in the rough, and I’m happy to report that John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars was among them.
If you haven’t read the book then you still have probably heard that The Fault in Our Stars has been made into major motion picture. In fact, it is now at the top of the box office trumping Tom Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow and bringing in a whopping 48M dollars debut weekend. And why? Two reasons. The book has a huge cult following. And so does John Green. John Green picked up a lot of new admirers with The Fault in our Stars (from now on I will refer to it as TFIOS), but he already had a huge following before that. Not only a popular author, but a popular YouTuber, John Green vlogs weekly with his brother Hank Green. He is also co-founder of DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome) and has a huge and intense following on that front who call themselves nerdfighters.
However, even without all this, I’m sure tons of people would have still shown up to the debut weekend of TFIOS. And that is because the story is beautiful. The story is not about cancer. It is about two teenagers who fall in love, but also just happen to have cancer. So having read the book and enjoyed it, I went to see the movie yesterday. I steeled myself for the worse – the movie is very emotional and while I tend not to cry during movies, I knew there was a large chance it might happen this time – and went with a friend.

What I will say is this: TFIOS went through a very nice and clean transformation from book to movie. There were multiple times when I recognized lines that I remembered reading in the book being proclaimed on the screen, and I was very happy that the movie really captured the essence of the book. That being said, the movie is not a word for word copy of the book – there are a few differences. The main difference, and the only one I will discuss here, is that the movie focuses primarily on Augustus and Hazel’s relationship while glossing over or skipping completely ‘less important’ ones. In the novel there is mention that Hazel went to school before she got too sick to continue and it was there that she made a friend who she kept in contact with through the start of the book. This character served as a link between Hazel’s past and the boring and monotonous life she led before she met Augustus, and really brought out Hazel’s dissatisfaction with her situation at the beginning of the novel. This was omitted in the movie. Also omitted, and surprisingly so might I add, was mention of Augustus’ previous relationship with a girl who died due to a similar type of cancer as Hazel. In fact, the reason why Augustus is initially interested in Hazel is because she reminds him of his girlfriend who passed away.
A Fault In Our Stars
Anyway, my point is, the movie is not a word for word copy of the book. If you read the book you would probably notice it but for those who haven’t, it doesn’t detract from the movie at all. The emphasis on the main relationship is what makes the series of events that occur so compelling.

And I have to say, I’m really disappointed in myself for not crying. There were times during the quieter moments that I felt myself tear up due to the poignancy of the scene but I never came outright and bawled. That being said, I’ve heard of a lot of people crying during this movie so if you haven’t gone and are planning to go, be prepared for the waterworks.

Well, that’s it for today, I hope you enjoyed. If you haven’t seen TFIOS, please go see it, and if you’re not a movie-goer read the book – it’s an awesome story. I’m including my favorite song that played during the movie so please enjoy and catch up with me next Thursday!


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