Jump Back! Bell-Bottoms Have Returned?

fe056s.jpgIsn’t it weird how fads from years bygone make it back into the present? For instance, I was online the other day (Ok, fine I’m online everyday) trying to find a comfortable pair of jeans to replace the ones that I’ve been wearing for years that now have a huge hole in the crotch. Whilst sifting through rows and rows of denim, I came upon a sight that I thought I’d never see in this day and age. You know what I saw? The bell-bottom pants. Complete with patterns that walked straight out of the seventies. Before I get any farther I would like to mention that no, I was not shopping on a vintage/ retro clothing website. It was a very popular clothing store’s website – the kind where the clothes are too expensive but you go to look anyway to gander at what you can’t have. Now, no offense to anyone who has a strong liking for patterned bell-bottom jeans but there is a reason those pants fell out of fashion. You may have your own theories on why that is but my guess is that they were too ugly. Note: This is my opinion. If you feel like patterned bell bottom jeans are the way to go, more power to you. It’s just not for me.

Although I never did find a replacement for my beloved pants (I know, but never fear I shall not give up), the assault on my eyes did get me thinking. Why should clothes be the only thing that cycles through the ages? What about the phrases and mannerisms of the past? For example, have you seen Footloose? The 1984 Kevin Bacon one, not the remake that came out in 2011. You want to know what one my favorite quotes from that movie is? It’s the moment when Woody tells Ren that public dancing is illegal for townies under the age of 18. Ren then replies: “Wait, wait, wait. Jump back. Are you kidding me? Dancing is against the law?”.

Jump back. What a golden term. The quote is so great because I mean, who says that anymore? To be fair I don’t think much of anyone really used that term as it sounds so absurd but correct me if I’m wrong. As a little experiment I decided to insert ‘Jump back’ into everyday conversation amongst my friends. At first, they had no idea what I was saying to them and I, of course, had to explain the origin and usage. But the phrase is so weird and quirky that they could not help but fall in love with it. You cringe the first few times you say it but once you’re on a roll you hardly notice it. I am now on a mission to reintroduce ‘Jump back’ into the English language. I doubt it will make it into the Oxford dictionary, but hey you never know, selfie made it in there this year. And if I succeed (my chances look dire but one can hope) I can bring back the ‘talk to the hand’ movement as well!


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